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Old School Football…

  We stole this off of the Facebook from a community member, but we think he’ll forgive us.  Can you guess the year; the QB; the RB; and maybe some of the lineman? Grass field, and look at the stands… By the way, who was the leading rusher in KHS History:  you may be surprised! (click […]

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Do You Know The NFA v KHS Series Record?

  We know we are underdogs this year. But, it doesn’t matter…it’s Newburgh.  The history of the KHS vs NFA series is truly legendary, and brings out the most passionate memories and stories in this town.   How good is your series knowledge?  Go to the Records section of the football page and see some amazing […]

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If You love History…

Do you know these men.  These were some of the most influential coaches of their time (1970’s, 80’s, 90’s…).  They were a major part of the Tiger Nation’s past.  If you like history, check out the Records Section of the football page.  Coach Mike Rienzo has done some unbelievable research and data gathering.  We’re talking about records […]

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Football Builds Playground at Kids Center

Just coming off a tough loss the night before, sore as heck, and not wanting to get up… That is what makes this group special.  This Saturday, the football team travelled to the Spectrum Center for kids to build the playground for this special school.  This is what it is all about.  The Tiger Nation […]

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It’s More Than Wins and Losses

Coach Collin’s and Zack Cuff …Priceless!

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