Not In My House…


Nadia Miller, Abbie Brocco, Rachel Volpe, Maggie Stauble, Jessica Staley, Cameron Letus


Kingston Field Hockey has always been known for their prolific offensive players: Carly Vanavan, Jordyn Beesmer, and Colleen Keegan-Twombly are just a few who are playing at the college level.  But, perhaps the biggest surprise of the season has been the defense.  Presently, the Tigers have yet to give up any goals.  In their game against Rondout (who, admittedly, is a well coached team), there were 11 corners taken by the Ganders, and not one goal scored.

Obviously, not giving up goals is a priority, but what a lot of people don’t realize is the opportunities a good defense gives to it’s scorers. It’s all about transition.  After the stop, the best defenders know where to go for the all important outlet pass.  From there, opportunities are created.  Speaking with Jordyn Beesmer, presently at BU,  the coaches at the USA FH National Futures Team always told us “to get the ball off of our stick” when in transition. That is where fast teams can take advantage of their speed: fast breaks, mismatches, and scoring opportunities are created by good defense and fast passes to open space.

As the season progresses from regular season to the championship season, and eventually, the play-offs, these defenders will be asked to do “what they do” faster,  more frequently and with more precision.  Good luck girls

Back in the Forefront…


Last week, the Kingston Field Hockey team made a big statement by beating their biggest challenge in the league, Rondout Valley, by a score of 3-0. This pretty much secures a spot in the play-offs, and will realistically be a preview of the championship game.  While all eyes are on the goal scrorers, perhaps the biggest surprise of the year is the defense.  8 shutouts in a row!

Field Hockey Now Ranked 3rd


The New York State Sportwriters Association does not rank field hockey teams in New York State.  So, just to be clear, this ranking is from the Power Rankings for HV (Hudson Valley) / WE ( Westchester) on the MSG Varsity website from Sept 9, 2014.  The Tigers are ranked 3rd behind Lakeland and Mamaroneck.